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Thursday, August 15, 2013

when did this happen?

Our baby isn't a baby anymore. Our precious Lincoln had his first day of school this week. First day of school...ever! I woke him up by singing the song my mom sang to me on the first day of school every year: "School day, school day, good ol' golden rule day ... " Do you all know that song or is this just a weird family thing?

Lincoln ate breakfast and then we went outside for some pictures. Chris buckled him into his seat and I felt the lump in my throat ... but I held it back! I was twenty minutes early to pick him up, so I just waited in the car. I couldn't go in twenty minutes early and come across as the lunatic  I truly am!

Lincoln gave me the longest sweetest hug when I finally did go in. I took him to lunch and he told me all about his day. He really likes his teacher and said he made new friends. He had a great first day of school :-)


Susie said...

He is so cute!! Glad he enjoyed his first day!!

Kelly said...

Oh Megan, he is precious...and so grown up! Our babies...where has the time gone?!?!
My dad always sang that song and it would always get on our nerves. He however changed the words, so honestly I have never heard the real words. I didn't know that he had changed them until I read just the little bit that you put on here.
Happy school year, Lincoln; you'll love it!